Our Process

With each client we will develop a confidential relationship based on mutual trust and respect.  Above all else, when you become a client, we are obligated to act in your best interests.  Our purpose is to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we have incorporated your objectives into our recommendations, and that you are working with an advisor you can trust.

The financial advisory process covers six areas of concern. 

  1. Financial Position
  2. Risk Management
  3. Wealth Accumulation
  4. Retirement Planning  

For those who elect a formal comprehensive plan, the five step implementation process includes:

  1. No-Obligation Session - listening to your financial concerns
  2. Gather Information - about your goals, assets, liabilities, and concerns
  3. Analysis and Recommendation - preliminary analysis and review
  4. Final Plan Review - finalizing plan and taking action where appropriate 
  5. Update As Needed - quarterly personal consultations and a formal annual review to keep the plan on track

This is a process in consultation with you and, when appropriate, with your additonal selected professionals.  We are committed to creating a successful plan that is truly In Harmony with Your Goals.

Our advisors offer fee-only planning, fee-based planning, commission accounts, or a combination of these approaches to fit your current need.